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Legal Help to Defend Your Place in Your Child's Life


West Palm Beach Father’s Rights Attorney

If you’re a father going through a divorce or you were never married to your child’s mother in the first place, The Law Office of Verna Popo has the best lawyers to help you establish paternity and protect your rights as a father.

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We will ensure that you are legally acknowledged as your child’s father and that you have equal rights over time-sharing and decision-making with their mother for your child’s best interest. We’ll make sure that after all relevant factors are considered, child support and custody arrangements are fairly put into place.

If, however, you have reasons to believe that you’re fathering a child that’s not yours, our lawyers are equally skilled to contest the paternity on your behalf. We’ll handle all the necessary paperwork and prove to the court that your paternity has been wrongfully established.

So whether you want to become a more hands-on dad or correct a legal mistake, our West Palm Beach father’s rights lawyers can make the process easier and less stressful for you.

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Establishing Father’s Rights

One easy way of establishing paternity and protecting your rights as a father is by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity form. You can sign this form as the child was born, but only if the mother agrees, both of you swearing under oath that you are the true legal father of the child.

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Both you and the mother can then revoke the acknowledgment within 60 days after signing. This can be done if fraud was committed or extreme force was used to get a parent to sign. After 60 days, the Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity becomes final and binding, and neither parent can revoke it.

If, unfortunately, you are not on good terms with the mother and you have to fight for your paternity, you can petition for a court order to acknowledge your rights as a father. We can help you start this process even before the child is born, although the final hearing will be done only after childbirth.

During the process, a genetic test will be conducted, and once you’re proven to be the father of the child, the court can then also decide on matters involving child support, child custody, and other shared parental responsibilities like decision-making for the child’s welfare.

The Importance of Legally Protecting Your Relationship

Although you are free to have an informal parental agreement with your child’s mother, your rights as a father are not legally binding in this scenario. Should the mother decide to suddenly leave and cut all ties with you, she can do it without legal barriers or repercussions.

West Palm Beach Father's Rights Attorney Segments new theme 300 x 150 6If you want what’s best for your child, it is highly important that you establish your paternity early on. This will allow you to be an active part in raising your child and to share with them all the benefits that they can have as your legitimate child.

Aside from the continuous financial support and future inheritance that your child can get, the emotional bond they can have with you will prove to be psychologically advantageous. Studies have shown that children with solid ties with both parents have fared well in life, allowing them to enjoy life even in two different households and letting them have the support and guidance of both parents.

It is also in your child’s best interest that you fight for your father-and-child relationship since you can take part in making decisions for them. This way, you can help the mother weigh the pros and cons when it comes to the big decisions in your child’s life.

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Divorced Father’s Rights

Our West Palm Beach father’s rights attorneys have successfully helped many men maintain a good relationship with their child/children even after a divorce. Whether your divorce is contentious or you manage to end the marriage on good terms, our lawyers will help ensure that your rights as a father are properly protected.

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You will also be glad to hear that Florida courts favor the constant and frequent contact of a child with both parents. Gone is the belief that courts have biases to provide mothers with custody since it has been well established that the presence of both parents is good for the child’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

As long as it’s reasonable and feasible, time-sharing or physical custody of your child will be equal between you and the mother. You will even have equal rights when it comes to legal custody or the decision-making for your child’s welfare.

But of course, if your marriage ends badly, you can expect your ex-spouse to contest these rights. And that’s why The Law Office of Verna Popo is here to help. We will expertly establish in court that you have the capacity to fulfill your responsibilities as a parent and that your active participation in raising your child is in your child’s best interests.

Call The Law Office of Verna Popo today at (561) 475-1103 for your Free Consultation with a West Palm Beach Father’s Rights lawyer!

Contesting Established Paternity

Aside from establishing paternity and protecting fathers’ rights after a divorce, The Law Office of Verna Popo also handles cases where a man’s paternity is being contested.

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If you have reasonable cause to believe that the child you’ve fathered isn’t biologically yours, we can help you go to court and challenge your paternity.

A genetic test will be ordered, and if you’re proven not to be the birth father of the child, we can handle all the necessary arrangements and paperwork to terminate all your legal responsibilities as a father.

This means that child support payments will stop and you aren’t legally bound to visit or take care of the child.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Florida, fathers have specific rights regarding child custody, visitation, and decision-making for their children. These rights include the opportunity to seek custody or visitation arrangements that are in the child's best interests, regardless of the parents' marital status. Fathers also have the right to participate in important decisions about the child's upbringing, such as education, healthcare, and religious upbringing. Florida law emphasizes shared parental responsibility, aiming for both parents to maintain active involvement in their child's life, unless circumstances suggest otherwise. Fathers have the right to assert their parental rights through legal processes and court proceedings if necessary.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, I assist fathers in ensuring fair and equitable parenting time and custody arrangements through a multifaceted approach. I begin by thoroughly assessing each client's specific situation and advocating for their parental rights. I emphasize shared parental responsibility and work towards crafting parenting plans that prioritize the child's best interests while maximizing the father's involvement. I provide strong legal representation in negotiations and court proceedings to secure fair custody and visitation orders. My goal is to ensure that fathers have a meaningful role in their child's life and that their rights are protected throughout the process.
To protect a father's interests in child custody disputes or parental relocations in West Palm Beach, I conduct thorough assessments, provide strong legal representation, create parenting plans emphasizing shared parental responsibility, explore mediation, assist with evidence gathering, and support modification efforts when necessary. These steps are designed to safeguard a father's rights, maximize their involvement in their child's life, and ensure fair and child-centric custody arrangements.
In Florida, establishing paternity can be done voluntarily through a legal process or by court order. Once paternity is established, fathers gain certain legal rights, such as the right to seek custody or visitation with their child and the responsibility to provide financial support, including child support. It also allows the child to access important benefits like inheritance rights, social security benefits, and health insurance coverage. It's essential for unmarried fathers to pursue paternity establishment to secure these rights and responsibilities, ensuring a legal and emotional connection with their child. Consulting with a family law attorney can help navigate this process effectively.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, seeking modifications to child custody or visitation orders involves assessing whether there has been a substantial change in circumstances, consulting with an attorney, filing a petition, serving notice to the other parent, and potentially engaging in mediation or attending a court hearing. Modifications may be warranted due to factors such as relocation, changes in the child's needs, parental fitness concerns, the child's preference (if of sufficient age), or violations of the existing order. The ultimate goal is to ensure that custody or visitation arrangements continue to serve the child's best interests.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, I handle cases involving allegations of parental alienation or interference with visitation rights by thoroughly assessing the situation, encouraging open communication, and taking legal action when necessary to protect the client's rights. I prioritize the child's best interests throughout the process, gather evidence to support the client's claims, and provide strong legal representation in court to resolve these sensitive matters effectively.
Mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods play a crucial role in resolving fathers' rights issues in West Palm Beach, Florida. They provide a collaborative and less adversarial approach to addressing disputes, emphasizing open communication and compromise. Mediation can help fathers and mothers reach mutually acceptable agreements regarding child custody, visitation, and decision-making, ensuring both parents' voices are heard and the child's best interests are prioritized. These methods often lead to more efficient and amicable resolutions, reducing the need for contentious court battles and preserving positive co-parenting relationships.
In cases involving unmarried fathers or those seeking rights in non-traditional family structures in West Palm Beach, Florida, my approach is rooted in ensuring equal protection of parental rights and the best interests of the child. I begin by educating clients about their legal rights and responsibilities, regardless of marital status or family structure. I work diligently to establish paternity if necessary, enabling fathers to assert their parental rights. Then, I advocate for equitable custody and visitation arrangements that reflect the child's well-being while fostering a positive co-parenting relationship. My goal is to navigate the legal complexities to secure fathers' rights and facilitate meaningful involvement in their child's life, irrespective of the family's structure or marital status.
As a family law attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida, my communication style is characterized by transparency, responsiveness, and empathy. I provide regular updates, maintain open communication, respond promptly to client inquiries, offer clear explanations, share relevant documents, and schedule in-person meetings when needed to keep clients informed and supported throughout their case.
To protect fathers' rights and interests in child support cases in West Palm Beach, I employ several legal strategies. First, I ensure accurate calculations based on Florida's child support guidelines, taking into account income, expenses, and any relevant factors. If necessary, I investigate and gather evidence to challenge inaccurate income reporting. I also advocate for equitable financial obligations, considering the child's best interests and the father's ability to pay. Additionally, I provide strong representation during negotiations or court proceedings to secure fair child support orders that protect the father's financial stability while meeting the child's needs.
In cases where a father is seeking full or primary custody of their children in West Palm Beach, my approach is rooted in advocating for the child's best interests while ensuring fathers' rights are protected. I carefully assess the circumstances, gather evidence to support the father's case, and present compelling arguments in court to demonstrate that such custody arrangements are in the child's best interests. I prioritize shared parental responsibility and active involvement of both parents whenever possible while providing strong legal representation to secure the desired custody outcome for the father.
To ensure fathers have a say in important decisions regarding their children's education, healthcare, and religious upbringing in West Palm Beach, Florida, they should establish legal paternity, create a parenting plan emphasizing shared parental responsibility, maintain open communication with the other parent, consider mediation for dispute resolution, and seek legal assistance if necessary to assert their rights and prioritize the child's best interests. Consulting with a family law attorney can provide valuable guidance throughout this process.
Fathers in West Palm Beach who believe the current child custody or visitation arrangement isn't in their children's best interests have options, including mediation, filing a modification petition with the family court, petitioning for enforcement if the existing order is not being followed, and consulting with a family law attorney for guidance. The child's best interests should remain the top priority throughout these processes, and legal assistance is vital to navigate them effectively.
Yes, I have experience in handling cases involving military fathers in West Palm Beach, Florida, who may face unique challenges related to deployment and custody matters. I understand the complexities that military service can introduce into child custody and visitation arrangements, including issues surrounding deployment schedules and geographic distance. I work to ensure that military fathers' rights are protected, and I help them navigate the legal processes specific to their circumstances. My goal is to create custody and visitation solutions that consider the best interests of the child while accommodating the unique challenges posed by military service.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, unmarried fathers have rights including the ability to establish paternity, seek custody or visitation, and be involved in important decisions regarding their child. They also have responsibilities, primarily involving providing financial support through child support payments and participating in shared parental responsibility. Establishing paternity is essential for unmarried fathers to assert their rights and fulfill their parental responsibilities. Legal guidance can be valuable in addressing these matters effectively.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, I assist fathers in enforcing court-ordered visitation and custody rights when the other parent is uncooperative or violates court orders by documenting violations, encouraging communication, pursuing mediation, filing motions for enforcement, considering modification petitions when necessary, and providing strong legal representation during court proceedings. The child's well-being remains a primary concern throughout this process, with the goal of preserving the father's relationship with their child and upholding court orders.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, I offer guidance on co-parenting strategies and communication to foster healthy relationships between fathers and their children. This includes advice on effective communication, conflict resolution, and collaborative decision-making to create a positive co-parenting environment that prioritizes the child's well-being and maintains open and respectful communication between parents.
In cases involving allegations of domestic violence, abuse, or substance abuse in West Palm Beach, Florida, my approach prioritizes safety and well-being. I help fathers obtain protective orders, document instances of abuse, and take legal action when necessary. I may advocate for custody evaluations or supervised visitation, and I support fathers in seeking substance abuse treatment if required. My legal representation aims to protect fathers' rights while ensuring the child's safety and well-being remains the primary focus.

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The Law Office of Verna Popo is a trusted law firm dedicated to protecting your West Palm Beach, FL father’s rights and your child’s well-being.

Whether you want to assert your rights as a father and establish a good relationship with your child, or you want to prove that you’re not the biological father of the child you’ve been taking care of, our lawyers will be with you to ease the legal process and the overall stress of the situation.

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