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Parents, even after experiencing huge stress on a divorce process, would still want the best for their children. Child custody, also referred to as parental responsibility, is among the most sentimental and controversial forms of family law practice areas. With compassion and dedication, your best Lantana child custody attorney can help you.

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The Law Office of Verna Popo is an excellent choice for a legal partner since our attorneys understand the relationship between parents and children and how they should have legal protection. We are equipped to provide every legal service required in child custody enforcement cases. Whether there is a stubborn parent or a change in your arranged time-sharing and parental responsibility, our skilled attorneys are here for you.

We will assist you in understanding all aspects of your legal situation and convey to you all of the best alternatives for you and your children. We strive to effectively manage all legal processes, documentation, and court arguments as fast as possible so that your time-sharing and parental responsibility rights function properly and within your best interest.

As we have seen through our years of experience, no two child custody disputes are alike. We work ’round the clock to entirely use our resources, so we get the best possible result for you. Whether you want to acquire sole custody or simply have fair time-sharing and responsibility agreements with the other parent, our lawyers are skilled to help you.

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Lantana Child Custody

Florida court can grant one or both parents more than one type of custody.

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The first one is Sole Parental Responsibility (Sole Custody) which can be granted when the other parent is declared unsuitable for raising the child. Every decision concerning the child is made by the parent who has been granted sole parental responsibility. The family court can also give this type of parental responsibility while still letting the other parent participate in the child’s life after being put back as a deserving parent to raise their child.

The second one is shared parental responsibility, which is given to both parents and is equivalent to joint custody. The court may appoint one parent as the ultimate decision-maker in healthcare and education, while other areas are shared. It is commonly granted to parents who both show enough capability to raise the child and improve the child’s welfare. If the two parents are not married, this type of child custody can still be granted.

Determining Child Custody

In Lantana, FL, child support is calculated according to Section 61.13 of the Florida Statutes. To begin, each party’s net earnings must be calculated by deducting certain amounts, like taxes and health insurance, from the total gross earnings of that parent.

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Following that, the base support amount will be concluded using a chart that takes into account the parties’ merged net income and the number of children involved. Lastly, the party paying child support is authorized to make credits given that they can still pay specific expenses such as health insurance or child care.

There are numerous factors that are important to secure child custody. The overall purpose is to establish a custody arrangement that ultimately benefits the child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Like in all legal matters, it is an attorney’s role to keep those highlighted factors in creating the best situation for an advantageous custody decision for you.

Although no lawyer can assure specific outcomes, at The Law Office of Verna Popo, we dedicate our resources and expertise to ensuring that your child gets the appropriate custodial arrangement for healthy development and early life experiences. We are a family law firm with considerable experience in child custody cases in Lantana. Our Lantanawill ensure that you receive the best possible settlement by expressing your case in the clearest way in court and implementing necessary legal arguments.

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Custody Modification & Enforcement

Situations change as time passes. A viable child custody or child support arrangement at the beginning may no longer be so. Although each child custody case has a unique series of agreements, there are some common scenarios that may require a family court to intervene and issue a custody enforcement order. Unpredicted economic crashes can also have further consequences, necessitating spousal or child support modification.

Lantana Child Custody Attorney Segments new theme 300 x 150 9The Law Office of Verna Popo has the most experienced Lantana, FL child custody attorneys capable of handling all the legal procedures needed in filing and creating a proper child custody modification. We will closely inspect your case, devise the most suitable child custody plan that fits your new way of living, and present the strongest possible argument to secure you get the best arrangement. We will ensure that there are no major inconveniences during the child custody modification process, which may have an impact on your child’s well-being.

Child custody enforcement is also a case we can help you with. This is a legal action taken to resolve the issue of a disobedient parent. When one parent fails to provide monetary support for the child on time or in the exact amount, we can support you in taking legal action to ensure your child’s comfort.

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The Law Office of Verna Popo acknowledges how important it is to protect your child’s legal rights. We believe in promoting children’s healthy lifestyles and relationships with their parents. Our team can manage any Lantana child custody case.

From child custody applications, modifications, and enforcement to related legal services, such as divorce and paternity establishment, our professional and competent lawyers are here to assist you. Give your child the best life despite all the uncontrolled challenges life has thrown your family. The Law Office of Verna Popo is here for you!

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