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Legally and morally, it is the parent’s primary obligation to meet the necessities of their child. Children are entitled to sufficient amount and quality of life’s basic needs, such as food, shelter, education, guidance, and clothing. Financial support is a huge factor in providing and protecting the needs of children.

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Child support, as mandated by Florida law, involves both parents to financially support their children. If parents are separated or divorced, financial support is frequently provided through a court-ordered child support payment made by one parent to the child’s main caregiver. Child support can cause a variety of problems, such as one parent believing that the amount is insufficient while the other believes that it is too much, or perhaps one parent undertaking legal action if the other parent is not making regular payments.

The Law Office of Verna Popo, with our skilled West Palm Beach child support attorney, can assist you in advocating the rights that a child should get. If you believe the child support must be higher or lower than what the guidelines determine, since guidelines do not always take the actual situation into account, we can help you get the necessary means in having a fair amount of financial support. Our goal is to make the situation reasonable for both parties without sacrificing the child’s needs.

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Child Support Calculation

The divorce should have no bearing on the financial stability of the children in the family. Child support is calculated by weighing several distinct but essential factors to ensure that a child gets the same amount of financial support they would have received if the parents chose to stay married.

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In Florida, Statute 61.30 specifies a mathematical equation that reflects each parent’s income, combined child-care costs, medical costs (as well as insurance), and overnight time-sharing of both parents. This is the legal standard that courts use to render their decisions final. In addition, Florida courts require any judge who directs child support payments that exceed 5% of the legal parameters to file a reasoned response as to why the amount was higher than the standard.

The following factors are taken into account in child support arrangements:

  1. How much each parent earns
  2. Both parents’ assets
  3. The child’s anticipated medical costs
  4. Any daycare or childcare costs
  5. Basic needs such as clothing
  6. Age of the child/children
  7. How much time each parent plans to spend with the child
  8. Current time-sharing arrangement
  9. Special requirements that the child may have
  10. Whether child support guidelines require a parent to pay more than 55% of their income

The Law Office of Verna Popo recognizes the importance of financial support in your children’s lives. This is a huge aspect of good parenting other than the time spent for the child. Being able to provide for the child’s basic and holistic needs is very crucial in the children’s optimal development. We are dedicated to ensuring that both parents have a fair amount of obligations and resources to achieve their children’s best welfare.

As your trusted West Palm Beach child support lawyers, we are prepared to assist you in ensuring the optimal outcome for your child support goals. From establishing a child support order to appropriately settling your parental obligations to your children, The Law Office of Verna Popo is here for you.

Child Support Enforcement

Child support orders are actively enforced by the Florida Department of Revenue as well as other state agencies. Based on Florida Statute 61.13, until the child reaches 18 years old, a judge can issue either or both parents who should be giving support to a child to settle support towards the other parent or to a third party who has custodial rights.

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The parent who receives child supportโ€”referred to as obligeeโ€”can submit a file to the court for potential child support enforcement actions. On the other hand, the parent who should pay child support (an obligor) who purposely didn’t pay child support may face severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

If somehow the delinquent parent doesn’t even have a stable job, the court might also have full rights to their bank account or other income. The court can even get the delinquent parent’s gambling earnings; however, it depends if the casino is aware of the parent’s child support delinquency.

Our West Palm Beach child support lawyers will work hard to help you maximize results in your case by providing an in-depth analysis of your case. We can assist you in enforcing the time schedule and amounts of child support from the other parent. We know the importance of these finances in the overall development of the child.

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Child Support Modification

Child support modifications are needed when certain unexpected events occur in the child’s or parent’s life. Your child may also demand specific health care needs than expected, or they may impose higher educational expenses. All of this can be taken into account by requesting a review and modification of a child support order.

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According to Florida law, requests can only be initiated if the child support order won’t end within six months of the requested date or if the child support order has not been evaluated or changed in the previous three years. If one child turns 18 and is no longer dependent, if a new child needs to be included, if you want to extend the timeline, and if a child has a change in medical needs, a child support order can be modified.

The Law Office of Verna Popo will help you gather files needed to prove “substantial change of circumstances.” Our West Palm Beach child support services are well-commended by our previous clients. From modifications to enforcement, we are ready to provide the utmost level of legal services. We make certain that all useful facts about efforts to modify child support arrangements, such as income, demotions or promotions, or raises, are carefully examined and considered in order to ensure fairness for all concerned parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Child support calculations in Florida are determined by statutory guidelines. These guidelines consider several key factors: the incomes of both parents, the custody arrangement and overnight stays with each parent, child-related expenses like healthcare and child care, the number of children requiring support, adjusted gross income after allowable deductions, and the percentage of combined income each parent contributes. Additionally, health insurance and child care costs may be factored in. Courts can make deviations from the guidelines in exceptional cases, such as for extraordinary medical expenses or shared parenting time. Child support calculations are designed to ensure fairness and the best interests of the child, but they can be complex, warranting legal counsel for those involved.
To address child support issues in West Palm Beach, Florida, if the other parent is not fulfilling their obligations, contact the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) for enforcement assistance, consult with an attorney to explore legal options, and document instances of non-payment. If you're having difficulty making payments, work with your attorney to legally modify the child support order based on changed circumstances, ensuring you meet your obligations appropriately.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, I can assist with child support matters by helping establish, modify, or enforce child support orders. This includes guiding you through the legal processes required for each scenario, ensuring fairness and accuracy in support calculations, and taking appropriate legal actions to enforce child support orders if the other parent is not complying. My aim is to protect your child's financial well-being while safeguarding your legal rights and interests throughout the process.
In Florida, seeking a child support modification involves demonstrating a substantial change in circumstances that justifies the modification. Common circumstances warranting a modification include significant changes in either parent's income, medical expenses, childcare costs, or the child's needs. The process typically includes filing a petition for modification, providing evidence of the substantial change, and attending a court hearing. It's advisable to consult with an attorney who can guide you through the process and ensure you meet the legal requirements for a modification.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, I prioritize clear and consistent communication with my clients throughout the child support process. I maintain open lines of communication through phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings as necessary. Clients can expect regular updates on case developments, court dates, and important information. I encourage clients to reach out with questions or concerns at any time and ensure they are well-informed and engaged in their child support case. Transparent and responsive communication is essential to providing effective legal representation.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, my fees for child support cases typically vary based on the complexity of the case and the services provided. I often charge hourly rates ranging from $150 to $500 per hour, depending on experience and specific case requirements. Billing is typically handled through regular invoices detailing the hours worked and any associated costs. I ensure that my clients are aware of the fee structure and billing process during our initial consultation, promoting transparency and clarity in legal fees.
Child support and child custody matters in West Palm Beach, Florida, often intersect as they both concern the best interests of the child. Child support is typically calculated based on various factors, including the custody arrangement and each parent's financial contribution. I address such situations by ensuring that the child support order accurately reflects the custody arrangement and the financial responsibilities of each parent. If there are disputes or changes in custody, I can assist in modifying the child support order to align with the new circumstances, ensuring the child's welfare is paramount in both legal matters.
My approach to resolving disputes or negotiations with the other parent in West Palm Beach, Florida, regarding child support matters is to prioritize the best interests of the child while seeking amicable solutions whenever possible. I start by encouraging open and respectful communication between both parties to find common ground. If negotiations are challenging, I utilize mediation or alternative dispute resolution methods to facilitate agreements. However, if disputes persist, I am prepared to advocate vigorously for my client's rights and the child's financial well-being in court, presenting compelling arguments and evidence to achieve a fair resolution.
If you suspect the other parent is deliberately underreporting their income to reduce child support obligations in West Palm Beach, Florida, gather evidence of their true income, consult with an attorney for legal guidance, file a petition with the court to address the issue, and be prepared for mediation or a court hearing to resolve the matter. An experienced attorney can assist you in navigating this process and ensuring that child support is determined based on accurate financial information.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, child support in shared custody or timesharing situations is calculated using the state's child support guidelines. Key factors include both parents' incomes, the number of overnights the child spends with each parent, healthcare and childcare costs, and other relevant expenses. The calculation aims to distribute child support fairly based on the parents' financial resources and the time each parent spends with the child. To ensure accurate calculations, consult with a child support attorney or use Florida's online child support calculator, which is provided by the Department of Revenue.
To address a relocation that may impact existing child support and parenting arrangements in West Palm Beach, Florida, follow these steps: notify the other parent, attempt negotiation or mediation for agreement, and if necessary, file a court petition seeking a modification based on the relocation. Consulting with a family law attorney is crucial to ensure your rights and the child's best interests are considered throughout this process.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, when handling cases involving changes in the child's needs, such as increased medical expenses or educational costs, I prioritize the child's best interests. I work with my clients to assess the nature and extent of these needs and the financial implications. If necessary, I assist in petitioning the court for a modification of the child support order to account for these changes, ensuring that the child's financial needs are met while adhering to legal guidelines. Open communication and providing compelling evidence of the changed circumstances are crucial in addressing such cases effectively.
In Florida, the Department of Revenue (DOR) plays a significant role in child support enforcement. They can assist in various ways, including income withholding, locating non-custodial parents, and initiating legal actions for child support enforcement. As an attorney, I can assist with DOR-related matters by working closely with them to ensure that child support orders are enforced effectively. I can also represent you in court if necessary, whether you are seeking child support enforcement or defending against enforcement actions. My goal is to provide comprehensive legal support to help you navigate the child support enforcement process in West Palm Beach, ensuring that your child's financial needs are met.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, child support payments are not tax-deductible for the paying parent nor considered taxable income for the recipient parent. While child support itself doesn't have direct tax implications, it's essential to consider tax-related matters in other aspects of divorce, such as alimony or dependency exemptions. I can provide guidance on these tax issues, helping you understand their impact and make informed decisions that align with tax laws and your financial situation.
In West Palm Beach, Florida, non-payment or falling into arrears in child support can result in significant legal consequences, including contempt of court, driver's license suspension, and passport denial. Financially, it leads to the accumulation of arrears, wage garnishment, tax refund intercept, and potential damage to the non-paying parent's credit. It's crucial for both parents to fulfill their child support obligations to avoid these legal and financial repercussions, and seeking legal guidance may be necessary to address payment issues effectively.
To help clients achieve fair and equitable child support agreements or orders in West Palm Beach, Florida, I employ strategies such as thorough assessment, legal expertise, negotiation, mediation, court representation, and modification assistance. My focus is on ensuring child support arrangements prioritize the child's best interests, comply with the law, and protect my clients' rights and financial stability.
I stay informed about changes in Florida child support laws and regulations through continuing legal education, legal publications, bar association involvement, and online resources. This knowledge benefits my clients in West Palm Beach by ensuring that I provide them with accurate and up-to-date legal guidance and representation, ensuring their child support matters are handled in compliance with the latest laws and regulations.

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Practically speaking, being able to provide financial support to your children equates to your capability to give your child’s basic needs. All other important aspects will follow, like giving them education, proper environment to live in and the ability to reach their goals in life. Doing all these responsibilities and giving enough resources as a parent will reinforce your relationship with them.

The Law Office of Verna Popo is composed of reliable family law attorneys who will ensure that your West Palm Beach, FL child support needs are given importance. We guarantee that our team of attorneys will assist you with excellent legal services, whether it be executing child support responsibilities on an uncooperative parent or submitting child support revision claims and proving them valid.

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